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Lot 763

Johannes Petrus Meintjes


40 by 30cm

R50 000 – R80 000

signed and dated 1954 oil on board (See lot proir)
This painting appears as entry no. 427 in Johannes Meintjies Painting Catalogue

Condition: appears good

Born in Riversdale in the Western Cape, Johannes Meintjes had the unprecedented success of becoming an overnight sensation after his first exhibition opened at the prestigious Gainsborough Galleries in Johannesburg in1944.He was a mere twenty one years of age at the time. Gifted and talented, Meintjes went onto have a vastly successful career in both the art and literary worlds, producing over 1,300 paintings, and thirty five books on various aspects of South African history and culture.
At the young age of fifteen, the family re-located from their rural farm to Cape Town, where the young Johannes was taught by Florence Zerffi, and became great friends with Maggie Laubser. He admired Irma Stern and Alexis Preller, and the influence of all these artists on his work is apparent. His work is characterised by a dream-like quality, portraits and plein-aire scenes of groups of people being his primary choice of subject matter.
Autumn Evening, lot 761, presents a moonlight picnic, set in front of a group of Cape cottages, infused with deep manganese and violet colours. The subjects appear to be farmworkers, revelling in the freedom and beauty of a moonlit night in the countryside. Rooikop Seun, lot 762, is a typical example of Meintjes’ portraiture work, with its bright pallet and stark, well-defined facial features.


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