Highly ornamented silver casket with pillared, foliated and tasselled edges. The panelled lid features the scrolled and foliated places where the owner served in the Anglo-Boer War: 'Elandslaagte', 'Kimberley', 'Port Elizabeth', 'Rensburg', 'Colesberg', with extra detail: South Africa and Soudan and the action of Abu Klea there. The lid is surmounted by Anglo-Irish Ryan family [...]



A most unusual panoramic view of Post Victoria showing wagons, soldiers, gun batteries and levies etc on the occasion of its abandonment during the War of the Axe (7th Frontier [or Kaffir] War). This was the first post to be occupied within the Ceded Territory. Its construction began in October 1843, but was found to [...]

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a very finely engraved portrait of Pres Kruger on the obverse surrounded with a laurel wreath and the inscription 'Saint Helena' and 'Kruger' below the neck - likely to have been copied from a coin. The reverse has a beautifully engraved Vierkleur and OVS flags with the date 1900 underscored by a laurel sprig. and [...]

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Kitchener’s Imperial Peace Envoy

the painting has been executed to lampoon the British Government: it shows a lion with the appearance of a baboon riding on the shell of a tortoise, attempting to encourage his steed to greater speed with the legend "Kitchener's Imperial Peace Envoy to General Botha per express" 1900's wooden frame of unusually fine craftmanship with [...]

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Anglo Boer War Sketchbook

cloth spine and paper-covered boards showing wear A D Stielers Schul - Atlas Über alle Theile der Erde und Über das Weltgebäude, published in Gotha, by Justus Perthes in 1871, has been used as a sketch book by an unknown member of the Boer forces. He has used the reverse (blank) side of the maps [...]

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Need a little Polish, Sir?

watercolour appropriately mounted in card cut out mount and framed Chamberlain pictured as an apparition at the window, probably based on the 'Monkey Brand' soap advertisement which was titled 'Need a little polish, Sir?', referring to the ultimatum to the British Government that Kruger, seated in a chair, is clutching apprehensively, before dispatching it. 3200

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Twixt Love and Duty

chromolithograph damage to top left corner, small tear and buckling A Black Watch officer in full highland dress embracing his beloved in a gesture of farewell; round the perimeter are vignettes (also in colour), of various scenes and individuals such as Prince Christian of Schleswig Holstein, Rifle Brigade; Lord Edward Cecil Coldstream Guards; Lord Charles [...]

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Soldier Artists

oil slight wear and cracking to top one tenth of painting, framed with cut out mount A mounted British soldier followed by an equally rundown infantryman, possibly an officer servant carrying most of his master's kit. A sickle moon and a blazing sun is on the horison with a milestone Pretoria 1001 Miles and the [...]

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