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art auctioneersEstablished in 1968, Stephan Welz & Co. is not only one of the oldest auction houses in the country, but also one of the most experienced in the country. With nearly 325,000 items consigned in more than 700 auctions, we know how to hold a successful auction.

We specialise in art, jewellery and classic cars, but also includes watches, silver, furniture, rugs, ceramics and books in our wide range of categories.

Six annual auctions

The thinking and planning begins months before each auction. With six annual auctions, three in Johannesburg and three in Cape Town, our specialists have to work hard throughout the year to consign premium and exclusive items for our auctions.

Stephan Welz and Co Picasso AU CIRQUETake Pablo Picasso’s drawing we sold at our last auction in Cape Town, it was not the first drawing we auctioned off by Picasso, but it sold for an incredible R3.5 million.

Specialists are worth their weight in gold

While it is important to have good specialists, no auction can be successful if the public does not come forward to consign top quality.

That is why it is of utmost importance to have the right specialists, a good specialist is worth their weight in gold. Specialists should not only have good knowledge of their specific field of interest, but also a good network.

Our specialists have more than 100 years of experience between them in the arts industry and are highly qualified. It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of both the local and international art industry.

Socialising with customers plays a major role in the everyday life of a good specialist. The more customers you have, the greater the chance that they have something to consign for each auction.

Consignment for our auctions

Consignment for each auction usually begins months before the hammer on the first lot goes down. However, because we have six auctions each year we have to start consigning almost immediately for our next auction.

Our consigning deadline coincides with our catalogue deadline because our strict quality control means we only allow items on auction and in our catalogues which have been extensively researched by our specialists.

During the consigning period the specialists are at their busiest. Customers bring their valuables to us so that our specialists can evaluate it. It is during this period that each item gets its estimated value. We provide valuation for free.

Apart from advertisements in the national media, social media plays an integral role in getting people excited about our auctions. Our digital specialist is in constant contact with our customers to ensure that they are fully aware of developments such as cocktail parties and the wonderful lots on auction.

Catalogues: Artworks in their own right

Each item on auction is thoroughly researched by our specialists, photographed and placed in our catalogues. Each page has been carefully designed to show the beauty of the items. Our catalogues provide insight into our upcoming auctions and ensure that our customers are among the first to see the beautiful items on auction.

Anton Welz: Our popular auctioneer

After all the preparation work has been completed for the sale, the success of the auction relies solely on our team of auctioneers, led by Anton Welz.

Anton Welz is widely known as a seasoned auctioneer and has been involved art industry his whole life. He grew up as the grandson of the famous artist Jean Welz and the nephew of the late Stephan Welz.

He has worked at Stephan Welz & Co. for many years and his knowledge also covers several categories including traditional African art, furniture and art.


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