[In the know] Have you considered alternative assets?

For many years successful individuals have been using alternative assets to introduce stability into their wealth portfolio, now is the opportunity for you to do the same. By owning art you are taking complete control of your wealth and reducing the risk from uncertainty in the local and global markets.

Alternative AssetsA report by Deloitte, named WHY SHOULD ART BE CONSIDERED AS AN ASSET CLASS, states that “Beside the aesthetic return generated by art, there are good reasons to consider art as a new asset class. Art is attractive from a financial investment point of view over the long run as it is a store of value that generates moderate positive real return.”

The ability to introduce a new dimension to your portfolio will provide diversification and consistency. Alternative assets have a very low correlation with stocks, bonds and other traditional financial investments, ensuring stability during economic uncertainty.

Alternative assets include property, art, antiques, wine, stamps and physical gold. Our partnership with The Scoin Shop and The South African Gold Coin Exchange, the market leaders in South African gold coin industry for over 40 years, allows us to offer you the widest variety of quality alternative asset opportunities in South Africa.


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